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Work Health

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“The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together.” —Kurdish Saying

Spending eight(ish) hours in a chair in front of a computer, five days a week can take a toll on your body. From eye strain, neck tension, stiff back and shoulders to packing on those extra calories when we bring in candies and cakes or hide them in our desks (Shane!!!), it’s tough to stay healthy and in shape at work. This also effects your ability to be 100% engaged and productive.

There are two aspects to work place health: physical and mental. Many are covered in the infographic below. Here are a couple of additional factors to consider:

1. Laughter
A friend of mine, Heidi Hanna, wrote in her blog, “Healthy humor is like massage for the brain. It initiates the relaxation response, shifting brain chemistry towards positivity, creativity, and collaboration. Physically, humor decreases levels of toxic cortisol and inflammation in the brain and body, while increasing neural efficiency, energy production, circulation, and overall health.” There is an association for this, Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. Also remember that laughter is contagious.
2. Breaks
Science has shown that we should we be taking a short break every 90 minutes for optimal performance. This break does not need to be long, only 5–10 minutes. During that time, stand up, stretch, laugh, go for a walk. Do something besides work.

Have a great weekend.


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