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How Fast Does Time Move?

how fast does time move

How fast does time move? Well, this Saturday marks 6 years of me sharing my random thoughts in this blog. Wow, 6 years!! I never thought this journey would last this long, but it just proves that time does fly by. You folks have been very patient and generous with yourhow fast does time move comments and feedback over the years. It’s been a fun journey but after all this time, it is getting hard. So, on this anniversary I thought I would share with you the 6 posts that I felt were the most difficult to write, whether for personal reasons or because I struggled with an idea.

Over the course of the last six years, I have only missed 1 week. Some weeks my saving grace comes from guest writers like Retro Abbey and Helene. Other times it comes from asking my tribe for ideas when I am fresh out of them. Not being able to think of a topic on the fly feels like I am admitting defeat. So, it goes without saying that “Fresh Out of Ideas” was a tough one to write.

It was difficult for me because as you can imagine I am independent and can be too stubborn to ask for help. Through this process I have learned to identify these qualities about myself and in turn ask my network for assistance when I need it. Through this journey I have gotten to know myself better. As an added benefit, I’ve gotten to know my tribe better too!

As much as I hate writing about the last 19 months, it is hard to avoid. There has been so much loss, not just of our family and friends but also of ourselves. While I am someone who loves being social, I am also a private person. I know that my friends and family were equally frustrated with the distances and lack of social interaction during the last few months; I found it hard to admit that I missed hugs from them.

Other posts that I struggled with are ones that sound like complaints or rants. Being a positive person, I hate to do that, but lately it has been hard. We have seen customer service decline; I witnessed it recently at one of my favorite restaurants! And I also find myself participating in circular conversations (equally as frustrating).

While I’ve successfully landed at 6 tough-to-write posts to commemorate 6 years, I am sure I missed several others that I struggled with. But I’m taking responsibility and owning it, and that is the point! But then again, what do I know ??

“Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.”– Seneca

Here is to the next 6…but baby steps!!

Have a great weekend, let me know if you need a fresh idea.