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Fist Bumps Have Gotten Old

fist bumping

Back in March when all this nuttiness began, we were asked to stay indoors and avoid seeing and socializing with others as much as we could. Like many of us, I was not happy about these recommendations because it meant I could not do many of the activities I am passionate about. fist bumping for social distanceNetworking (in person) or going to bars and restaurants to have drinks and break bread with friends and colleagues was no longer feasible, so clearly traveling was out of the question. Six months later, missed connections are still bothering me. I miss having that face to face interaction and now more than ever I want to hug my friends, the elbow and fist bumps have gotten old; once all this is over those should be obliterated.

If you research the act of hugging as I did, you will find that there are many types of hugs. When I say I miss hugging my friends, I don’t mean giving the “bro” hug. You know the one I’m referring to, the one-handed clasp, where you lean in and give two pats on the back, though that has its place. Given how long it has been that I have seen most of my friends, many are going to get either a bear hug or a lingering hug that may seem a little too long to be comfortable; whichever one you may get, just deal with it. ?

All of us are still being asked to be careful in social settings and remain socially distanced, making hugging hard. Some folks are taking social distance one step further and rarely leaving the house. Overall, social distancing is making the ability to have a connection difficult and connections are important. I don’t mean your business connections or the connection you may have with your pet, though those are important as well. I mean the personal, face to face human connections that we were so accustomed to having each day.

Humans are a social species, and we need that interaction with others to help us continue to develop, grow, and maintain our sanity. We have been creative in finding ways to fill the void social distancing has created through virtual hang outs and drive-bys for special events; but it just isn’t the same as laughing, hugging, and sharing joy in person.

What have you been doing to continue connecting with people? While I can’t hug those I care about, if I see a bottle of bourbon or a cigar that I think a friend would like, I do reach out to see if they would like to join me and try it, socially distanced. If I partake in outdoor dining, I always tip my server a little extra because I know how hard they are working. Neither of these are physical connections, but sometimes small acts of kindness to show you care are the most impactful.

“Deep human connection is the purpose and the result of a meaningful life- and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity and humanity.”– Melinda Gates

This weekend, make a connection, or call me and (re)connect.