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PULSE September 2020

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Welcome to the PULSE!

Here we are, heading into the final stretch of one of the most disruptive, devastating and (in many ways) groundbreaking years on record. Since that dreadful time back in March, when the world all but stopped turning, everyone’s lives have changed markedly in some way. Through it all, it has been our goal here at J2 to find the opportunity amid the chaos, the positives amid the calamity and the lessons learned along the way.

As the nation’s workforce went predominantly remote, many businesses struggled with the shift. As an IT staffing and consulting firm, we’ve been managing contingent IT workforces for our clients for nearly 20 years—and we know a thing or two about what works, what doesn’t and how to get the most out of a remote team. To help businesses with the tricky transition, J2 VP of Sales Andy Thatcher offered guidance in July’s post, ”Four Tips for Managing Your Remote Workforce During COVID and Beyond.” In August, Sanjay took a silver-lining approach to the current state of affairs when he highlighted five notable benefits we all stand to gain from the COVID-forced work-from-home model.

Similarly, Vijay reminded us to use this time of crisis to innovate, take pleasure in a little bit of nothing and appreciate what we have now, even if it wasn’t what we thought it would be when the year began. His weekly Friday messages of hope and resilience also included helpful reminders to embrace what makes us unique, push through even when we’re not feeling okay, and be aware of our mindset as we start each day. As we face the conclusion of the year over the next three months, we continue to look to Vijay to help us keep perspective, in light of all that is unfolding around us.

We are also happy to report that despite the physical constraints of our remote workforce, J2 enjoyed a little bit of team-building with a socially distanced happy hour to close out the summer. While it wasn’t quite the same as our usual happy hour, we all agree—this is the next best thing!

In other J2 news, Sanjay hosted this year’s Virtual Philadelphia Technology Leadership Summit on Sept. 15. Though the day of networking, collaboration and knowledge-transfer could not occur in person, the virtual event was wildly successful. And last, but certainly not least, we are pleased to welcome Matt Schreffler to the J2 family as Senior Account Executive. Reach out to Matt and say congrats!

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