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While scrolling through the endless entertainment options on Netflix this past weekend, a movie title for a Korean romantic drama caught my eye; “It’s OK to not be OK”. I ended up scrolling past it, and still have not watched it, however I find myself thinking about the title days later.

Given the state of affairs these days, I am sure many of us are not feeling OK. Some find themselves in an occasional funk, and others are realizing their fuse is becoming shorter as they are becoming more irritable. Masks, though uncomfortable, are required every time you leave the house, and each day the number of cases fluctuates. It seems like each day brings more crazy news of locusts, lantern flies, murder hornets, large dust clouds wreaking havoc; and to top it all off I believe Mercury was in Retrograde again (good news, it ended on the 12th)! You have to laugh, what will this year throw our way next?! All kidding aside, there are also some serious political, economic and social issues affecting us all right now; there are too many unknowns which do not help matters. With everything going on it is no wonder that we don’t feel OK…and that is OK.

Sisu is a Finnish word that originates from the word sisus, which means guts or intestines. Sisu means to have strength, specifically inner strength, and loosely translated it means to persevere. So, let’s go with sisus being guts…as in to have guts ? Sisu is about having the inner courage to continue and push through.

We all deal with things in our own way on our own timetable, and eventually, we all persevere (Sisu). 2020 has dealt us an odd hand, but we have held our own through all the ups, downs and curve balls we’ve had to adapt to over the past few months. Some days may be better than others but remember, it is OK to not be OK, and I truly believe that this too shall pass.

“It’s healthy to admit you’re not ok. It’s ok to not be ok, it’s brave. But don’t let it win. Be sad. Have your moment, your day or week. Then do something about it and be happy. For yourself.”– Jessie J

Have a great weekend.