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Why Fear the Unknown?

Girl walking across abyss on rope bridge

Girl walking across abyss on rope bridgeMany of us are afraid of  what we don’t know or what we can’t predict. Why is there such a fear of the unknown?

We recently held a Happy Hour for our team to ring in the New Year and some of the folks started a conversation with the woman who happened to sit next to them. She was going on a first date after being out of the dating scene for quite some time. Jumping back into the dating pool after a hiatus can be scary or it can be exciting. She was nervous and was ordering a shot to ease her nerves, so we bought her one for good luck! She felt better and we thought it was charming.

I do believe that most fears are irrational, though I am sure that many will disagree, and knowing a fear is irrational does nothing to mitigate it. The FEAR acronym can either be Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise. I believe in the latter and apparently the lady going on her date felt the same way.

The past year was a great one for us, but 2020 is starting off a little scary. We are steering the ship in a new direction, heading into uncharted territory and making big bets. We are plunging into the unknown, but we are ready for it. We have had discussions to see where the pitfalls might be and have devised contingency plans for when they arise. We have come up with go/no-go criteria. We have budgeted. We have planned and are ready and excited for whatever this new challenge brings. I believe that rigorous planning is a big part of removing the fear. Unforeseen things will still come up, as they typically do, but since we planned for what we can anticipate, we have less to fear. With our fears allayed, now we are taking action.

In choosing to Face Everything and Arise, we are tackling our fear head on, and moving confidently into our unknown.

“The key to growth is acknowledging your fear of the unknown and jumping in anyway.” – Jen Sincero

Have a fearless weekend.