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Morning Cocktails

Enjoying a morning cocktail

Recently, I met up with a friend for (socially distanced) drinks. Considering the activity, naturally one of the topics we discussed was of the alcohol-variety. During our discussion, my Enjoying a morning cocktailfriend asked me what my morning cocktail of choice was. It made me wonder, have you ever wanted to just start the day with a cocktail? Not the “hair of the dog” kind that we choke down to chase off a hangover, but opting to start drinking in the morning because you know the day is going to suck; especially these days.

We’ve all been there; there are days where you wake up on the “wrong side of the bed” and everything rubs you the wrong way. This negative mindset can be brought on by a variety of reasons; you could have had a bad experience the day before, leading you to go into the new day believing people will suck. Maybe you woke up in a bad mood simply because it’s Monday, and your to-do list for the week makes the weekend feel so far away. Luckily today is Friday, so celebrate that and the fact that it’s the weekend! Unless of course you have to work this weekend, then back to the bad mood and back to sucking.

No matter the reason, one thing remains consistent: If you start your day in a bad mood, chances are you will remain in a bad mood, it’s a mindset.

Last week I talked about the interesting twists these take when I research. To return to the topic of drinking in the morning, I researched “morning cocktail” and it does exist. In fact, the benefits are supposed to be fantastic! The recipe for this cocktail is pretty simple, just mix water, sea salt, and lemon and consume; among other benefits, it will hydrate you from the night before.

As the conversation with my friend that evening continued, it became clear that he was not talking about day drinking or the concoction mentioned above, though that certainly has its benefits. Imagine waking up and making a cocktail consisting of a little positivity, mixed with gratitude and a dash of love, garnished with a smile; that is the morning cocktail my friend was talking about. If that’s the morning drink you choose, how do you think your day is going to go? My guess is waking up in that mindset is going to bring on a much different day than wanting a glass of bourbon at 9AM, so give it a shot ?

“It takes no more time to see the good side of life than to see the bad.”– Jimmy Buffett

This weekend enjoy your morning cocktail. And if you want to have a morning cocktail with some coffee, company and nothing, feel free to reach out.