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I’m Grateful You’re Paranoid

Two female hands holding red polygonal paper heart shape

Two female hands holding red polygonal paper heart shapeIt’s officially April. We’ve been stuck indoors for at least a couple weeks now, and it looks like we will be at home for the near future. Welcome to short term life abnormal! While the majority of my time is spent at home, I venture out to pick up lunch (curbside delivery rocks), buy things I need at the grocery store, sometimes even toilet paper if I get lucky ?, or pick up supplies or medication. During my brief interactions with the world, I have noticed many people are paranoid. They keep their distance, they stop and get out of the way when others move toward them, they wear masks and gloves. These are all good things. Paranoia is vigilance.

I am also noticing the kindness of people during this uncertain time. Not just the acts of kindness we are witnessing on TV like mask donations, free concerts, and celebrities reading story books, but also in everyday life. People are being kind to strangers, they are smiling at each other, and neighbors are helping one another. I am sure some of this was going on before, but I am noticing more of it.

So back to being stuck indoors and why it’s challenging. It’s officially Spring, and many of us are suffering from cabin fever. We’re running out of libations, paper products, and TV shows to binge. The repetitive nature of our days and the restrictions in place are starting to make us more irritable.

What can we do to help boost our morale until all this madness ends?

Be grateful. That might sound strange, what can we be grateful for? Be grateful for others paranoia, it is helping you.  Be grateful for others kindness, it may affect you. If you are the one being kind, be grateful in knowing that you brightened someone’s day. Gratefulness has shown to boost serotonin and produce dopamine, both are neurotransmitters that make us feel good.

So, to everyone who is acting paranoid, my gratitude. To everyone who is being nice, to others or to me,  my gratitude. To everyone who works as essential personnel, my gratitude. To all my friends and family, my gratitude. To all our staff and partners, my gratitude. Last but certainly not least, to everyone that is on the frontlines of all this, my biggest gratitude.

“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”- Roy T. Bennett

Have a grateful weekend.