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PULSE March 2020

Welcome to the PULSE!

The first quarter of the year also began a new decade, and for many of us January 1st brings a fresh start. One of our resolutions for this year was to take action. We kicked off 2020 with a new initiative; starting something new can be a little intimidating, but with plans in place, we are excited to see what this new challenge brings.

Part of this new initiative is utilizing Data to Drive Revenue. In the first of this series of Thought Leadership posts, Sanjay discusses the value of the data that results from business activity, and how it is not just a byproduct of that activity, but a treasure trove of information if we know how to mine it. Asking the right questions of data can yield information about finding new customers, increasing retention, creating new services or products and so much more.

In the second post of this series, How Data Can Gain You More Business, Sanjay delves more deeply into the customer insights that are buried in your data. Customers expect more from businesses and they want a more personalized experience. Finding out about your ideal customer, providing personalized marketing and bringing existing customers deeper into your sales funnel are some of the benefits you can get from intelligently harnessing your data and asking the right questions.

In terms of new initiatives, the world is a much different place than it was when our last PULSE was shared. Our “business as usual” is totally upended; most of us are sheltering in place and find working from home is no longer on a wish list.

Here at J2, we are spending some of our time thinking about what we do and how we do it, and making adjustments to accommodate the new reality. We are also getting back to the basics of our business so we can be ready to act. It is better to keep moving and taking action to keep our minds settled and our sanity intact.

During this time of uncertainty, we hope that you are also taking time to connect to what is important to you and start planning ahead to reach your goals for this year. We hope that by the next PULSE, we are looking at this in the rearview mirror, with lessons learned, priorities clear and taking actions that really count towards a better future.

Please share any feedback and/or ideas you have for future issues of the PULSE at  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The J2 Team