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The New Normal

Change cloud word

Change cloud wordTo say we now live in interesting times may be an understatement. Our current reality is unusual and unprecedented. We are smack in the middle of something we have never experienced and this is our new normal, at least for a few weeks. Given the circumstances, I’m struggling with this FFfT, not because I am out of ideas (for a change ?) but because there are so many things to write about. I could suggest we be kind, but a vast majority of us already are. I would suggest we make good choices, but I find most do the best they can and lean into it. I think all of that comes out a little preachy anyway.

For some of us, a few of the government mandates may not change our day to day lives. Many of us already work from home, but your significant other and your kids may also now be home. Your pet may want more attention.  For others who have never worked from home the change may be big. You may feel isolated, unproductive, or cabin fever may set in. Maybe cabin fever already has set in for some of us. Right now, we need to focus on the positives in our lives. Be grateful for your loved ones health, enjoy time with your family and use some downtime to learn something new. I could suggest we be present, but I am sure many us are.

For me, Social Distancing is a challenge even though I am an introvert. I prefer to meet face to face, shake hands, sometimes hug. My office is quiet as everyone is working from home. Restaurants are mostly closed and those that are open offer take out or delivery only, a huge challenge for me. Despite these changes, it is good to know that business is being conducted and folks are adapting to these necessary constraints. Many employers are continuing to operate their businesses as they navigate these uncharted waters.

During a conference in San Francisco 2 years ago, I first heard the term AQ (Adaptability Quotient). It came up again the following year. One of the speakers, a futurist, was asked by an attendee, “What one skill should I teach my kids?” The answer was, “Adaptability.”

In the short term, we will need to adapt to many new ways of doing things. Who knows? Maybe some of these new mandates and changes in behavior will become the new normal, which will just prove that in the end we are a resilient people.

As we continue to adapt to all this craziness, it is important that we maintain perspective, be patient, and above all stay calm and be kind. At the end of all of this we will emerge stronger.

“The times they are a-changing.” – Bob Dylan

Have a great weekend.