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Paradigm Shift 

A lead character in a show I watch told her fiancé after a fight: “I love you; I will see you at home for dinner, but right now, F&^% you”. Earlier this week I asked a friend what was on her mind, hoping for an idea for this week’s topic. Her response was “people are annoying”. Clearly both events have different backstories, with one being a real-life event and the other a script, but between them a theme emerged. Both are representative of the times; we are going through a paradigm shift. That term is overused and often used incorrectly; and for those reasons I hate it! But it fits here – the world, and those of us in it are in the midst of an unprecedented shift in patterns of beliefs.

With so many changes happening simultaneously, a shift in the universe (I hate paradigm shift, remember? ?) is inevitable. We are questioning everything from equality (sexual and racial) to inequality (workplace, schools, racial, economic, human rights and relationships to name a few). While this post is not a political rant, political bickering is rampant, and it often feels as if we are no longer able to communicate with each other.

With all this coming at us continuously and simultaneously, it’s difficult to stay balanced, calm, and reasonable. Instead, we often react with emotion and when that happens misunderstandings and poor judgement follows. We feel like we are on our own, that no one listens or understands us, and everyone is angry and yelling. If you feel that way, know others do too; we are in it together. While this is the world we live in now, I’m confident that it will change soon.

Simply put, paradigm shifts are change and as we all know, change can be uncomfortable. But these conversations will lead to a new, hopefully more positive world and for that I am grateful. I hope we can have honest, heartfelt conversations and truly listen to the other side without bias. 

The way I see it, there is one way that we can all move to a better place more quickly. For those of you who like 80’s music, Elvis Costello nailed it with these three key words “peace, love and understanding”. Let’s all remember these words as we are pulled into these uncomfortable conversations, or as we are tempted (as my friend was) to complain about how annoying people are. The quicker we apply these concepts, the sooner we will all get to a better place.

“As I walk through this wicked world searching for light in the darkness of insanity I ask myself (what’s so funny ‘bout) peace, love and understanding?” – Elvis Costello

Have a great weekend.