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PULSE March 2023

Welcome to the PULSE and welcome to Spring! As we head into Q2, we are still confronted with a range of economic difficulties, including ongoing inflation and apprehensions about a potential recession. As a result, business leaders continue to grapple with a variety of staffing issues, such as downsizing, quiet quitting, and staffing shortages.

In January, nearly 60,000 employees lost their jobs during mass corporate layoffs. In Sanjay’s post, The Human Consequences of Layoffs, he reminded us that the impact of any corporate layoff spans beyond those who lost their jobs; the remaining employees also feel the effects. The article offers guidance on creating a positive environment in the wake of staff upheaval to ensure your remaining team members know where they stand, feel good about their work, and stay productive.

In February, we were introduced to an emerging staffing trend expected to take hold in 2023: quiet hiring. In a nutshell, quiet hiring involves redistributing tasks among current staff, or bringing on contractors, thus eliminating the need to hire additional full-time employees. The article explores the implications for employees and employers alike and touches on what it means for the contingent workforce.

Last quarter’s Friday Food for Thought series covered an array of timely topics, from goal setting, the implications of playing the “what if” game, and how going “all in” can fuel our passions and our success to mastering the art of self-negotiation, respecting boundaries, the importance of keeping it simple, and much more.

We look forward to continuing to communicate our thoughts and insights throughout Q2 as we navigate the evolving business and economic complexities together.

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The J2 Team