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Staying Ahead of End-of-Year Talent Evaluations

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By Vijay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions 

Now that we’ve entered the fourth quarter and the end of the calendar year is just around the corner, it’s a good time to evaluate open projects. Everyone is asking the same questions:

  • How are your projects progressing?
  • How many have been completed?
  • How many are behind schedule? Over budget?
  • Do you need additional resources to finish the projects? Do you have the right resources?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself and your company this time of year.

Taking stock of 2018’s projects and assessing where you are allows you to correct course as  needed. It’s not about blame, it’s about evaluating the current state.  If there are weak links in your company structure, identify them and consider the measures you’ll take to repair them. Do they need additional coaching?  Are they right for that role, are they better suited for another role? If you don’t have an internal system to advance employees to the next level, focus on one-on-one mentoring. With clear dialogue between leadership and a team member, you can help grow someone to the next level of their career while strengthening your team. If the person has a skillset that you didn’t know about or they would like to learn or expand on something new, you can help them shift roles.

If the measure you must take is a replacement for a position, the time to build relationships with new potential candidates is now. Relationships with potential talent will allow for a smooth transition into next year’s project timeline. You will have engaged and attracted the type of talent that will almost certainly guarantee their acquisition will fit in the new role that needs to be filled.

In hiring new IT talent, you want to make sure you are actually getting the person you see on paper and more. In addition to an attractive resume, you need to become acquainted with person’s soft skills – communication and emotional intelligence. The process of getting to know one another before there is an open position will ensure you’re hiring the right fit for your company. Are their values aligned with your values?  Do they fit your culture? These informed strategic talent decisions are the foundation of creating collaborative, productive and profitable teams for the new year.

We’ve recently been asked when is the best time to recruit new talent in today’s competitive IT landscape? At J2, that answer is: It’s ALWAYS a great time to be recruiting, even when you don’t think you need it. Why? Because having a live and active talent pool is the key to finding what you’re looking for. With the right team, you can ensure the success of future projects.

Simply put, staying ahead of the year end scramble, will give you the competitive advantage. While you’ve secured the right candidates through building relationships, your competitors will be fighting for the leftovers.