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It’s December 21st, T-minus 4 days until Christmas. Tensions are running high, and you can begin to see the look of panic in passerby’s eyes as they rush to get their last-minute shopping done. While the holidays are intended to bring out the best of everyone, sometimes they can bring out quite the opposite. A […]

The Choices You Make…

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Two of the 10 axioms of Choice Theory state the following: The only person whose behavior we can control is our own. All we can give another person is information. How we behave is up to us. Do you choose to complain all the time, or do you make the best of a bad situation? […]

Patience leads to success

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Who ever said that “Patience is a virtue” would not have survived in the  fast paced world of today.  Today’s world moves lightning fast and we are constantly bombarded with information that we need to respond to, react to, and post on Social Media. I am by nature not a patient person and most folks […]

Energy Out = Energy In

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A few years back I was in Vegas—and as they say, when in Rome… So I was gambling—craps, to be precise. The first table I played was not working out—for anyone there. Everybody was losing. The more we lost, the more miserable we became. The more miserable we became, the more we lost. It was […]