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Being Happy or Being Right?

Business Analysis Consulting

Being right makes me happy, because being wrong makes me a fool, or so I thought. We live in an age where technology has made voicing your opinion easy. I am constantly hearing and reading things that people agree and disagree with. Ultimately when there is disagreement it leads to an argument with both parties fighting to be right. I too have fallen in this trap, on both sides.

In my 20’s during most discussions where there was a difference of opinion, my goal was to be right – because I was. I would push and argue my point until everyone agreed that my opinion on the matter was the right one. These days, now that I am older and wiser, I offer my opinion and let you decide if I am right or not; either way is fine with me.  Every so often there are topics that I am very passionate about and I feel that I am right. I may argue them more vigorously and share my opinion more strongly, but in the end, it’s become more about me wanting to be happy and less about me having to be right.

Over time, I have learned to let things go. That does not mean that I simply agree with everything. I am just becoming aware that I will not change certain people’s minds no matter how hard I try. Occasionally (hardly ever ?) I must accept that I may be wrong. And sometimes I’ve learned it’s better to just keep quiet.

“When it comes to being happy, there’s no right or wrong. It’s just a battle between your happiness and their judgement”- Khat Leen

Have a happy weekend.