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PULSE March 2019

Welcome to the PULSE!

As our industry continues to evolve, we at J2, continue to evolve with it. That’s why this quarter, we focused on sharing our expertise on one of the most talked about subjects in our industry: soft skills. Interpersonal skills, like relationship building and goal setting, are the backbone of great leadership, and these days they are a necessity.

In January’s Thought Leadership on Soft Skills, Vijay broke down what organizations should be looking for in their candidates by looking beyond the resume. Skills like creativity, communication and having a good work ethic can be hard to display in an interview setting. However, using interview questions like “How?” or “Why?” and statements like “Tell me more.”, can help organizations get a better gauge of who a candidate really is as a person.

Sanjay then dove deeper into what it takes to be a ‘Well-rounded Leader’: a combination of both soft and technical skills. Although soft skills are inherent traits, one can develop them further. We learned that by focusing on skills like clear communication, trust-building and resolution management, Project Managers can help ensure they are a great fit for a company’s culture and can help lead their organizations to future success.

When it comes to present, Vijay touched on the importance of now, by urging us to enjoy life more and create great memories along the way. In ‘Achieving Success’, we were reminded that we would do almost anything if we were properly motivated – so why not motivate ourselves to do the things that make us happier? After all, we only get one life! How we spend our time is important.

We must always be working on ourselves and enjoying our chosen professions and the impact they make in our communities. We should pride ourselves on the kind of co-workers and people that we are. Whether it’s at work or in your personal life, soft skills allow you to be more empathetic and gracious – what’s better than that?

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The J2 Team