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Does Character Truly Matter?

Does character truly matter

It’s been a week, actually it’s been a crazy few weeks. We’ve seen our Capital building breached and witnessed riots, we swore in a new President and celebrated Martin Luther King; we’ve observed the best Does character truly matterand worst in people—sometimes both at the same time. I’ve been thinking, reading and hearing a lot recently about Dr. King, who often referenced one’s character. It got me wondering, does character truly matter?

Everyone has a character; Joseph Stalin, Anakin Skywalker and Genghis Khan all had one; as did Mother Theresa, Luke Skywalker, and Alex Trebek. Yet, we view each person differently, why? I believe it’s their actions, driven by character that defines them. But what then drove the actions?

About a decade ago, I got into a conversation with someone I had just met about politics, a topic that I usually avoid at all costs, unless I know with certainty it’s going to be a conversation with respect and civility. This particular conversation was frustrating on many levels. The person made the following statement, “Politicians should just do what is right.” While I agree that they should, as that is why we elected them, the question is, do what’s right for whom?

Take a look at the names above. Despite whether we found their character to be good or bad, they had one. Though we might not agree with their choices, they all did what they believed was the right thing, even Darth Vader ?. What we can argue is the morality of their actions, and that is what I think is important: the combination of character and morality.

For me this was a good week to reflect and see what my character and morality says about me to others.  Can I do what is right for everyone? Probably not, but I can do what I believe is right for most.

“The truth of your character is expressed through the choice of your actions.”– Unknown

What is your opinion? Does character truly matter? Let me know.

Have a great weekend,