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Toads Taste Nasty

toads taste nasty

I get inspiration for these Friday brain farts of mine from being out, meeting, talking to people, and seeing what makes them tick. Many of my ideas come from what they are thinking and what they suggest I read; I also I get inspired by random stuff I read. With most of that currently taken away, inspiration for toads taste nastythe Friday Food for Thought is more difficult to come by. These days I source inspiration by asking friends how they are feeling and what is on their minds. Recently, a friend told me, “A dear friend and colleague used to say- which is so true – eat your toads early”. Weird, I am pretty sure that toads taste nasty; just saying the word makes my face cringe a certain way, so why would I want to eat one?

This new normal is lasting longer than any of us expected, and many feel as though 2021 is a continuation of 2020. For those not wanting to turn the page on the calendar, today is 12/46/2020. I am not ready to admit that its 2021 yet; I don’t want another 2020, and I don’t think any of you do either. I am optimistic that as the year continues to unveil itself, we will find we have eaten our toads in the early part of 2021. Hopefully, as early as possible.

The saying my friend is speaking of is attributed to Mark Twain and it is a frog, not a toad. Given the circumstances I am going to go with a toad; it is nastier and frog legs can be delicious.? So, what does the saying really mean? It means do what you don’t enjoy but must do anyway, early. Get the hard stuff out of the way and don’t procrastinate, so then the rest of your day is easier. Good advice! If you get what you don’t like over with first, then the rest of the day is all stuff you are looking forward to. Besides, getting the toad out of the way will make you feel good, and the release of endorphins will put you in a better mood.

Which toad are you going to eat first?

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain

Have a great weekend,