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Excuses, Excuses

Have you ever noticed that entrepreneurs are a weird bunch?  Most that I know personally or know of are type A personalities.  They see a problem, find a way to fix it, and then figure out the details later. They accomplish a lot; their mindset is different, more determined.  Now that I think of it, certain mindsets from folks in all walks of life are what makes the difference.  Here are a few examples that have left an impression on me…

Matt Stutzman is one of the top ranked archers in the US; he was born without arm. His story is amazing. In Jan of 2010 he decided to become the best archer in the world; hell of a BHAG. By 2011, he made the US team and in 2012, went to his first Paralympic games and won a silver… impressive. He has won competitions against able bodied archers. Apart from a strap around his shoulders he uses to pull the bow string taut; his bow is not adapted to his disability. He uses his feet to hold the bow. He is also a car aficionado that fixes and drives his own cars. The cars are not modified. I saw an interview with him where he says if he can take a bow that is not modified for him and win records, what is everyone else’s excuse? And you know what?  He is right!

I recently read a story about Dan Parker; he is a blind machinist and loves motorcycle racing. He was not born blind; Parker comes from a family of racers. In 2012, he suffered a brain injury from a car crash that left him blind.  In 2013, he built a motorcycle, and became the first man to race the Bonneville Salt Flats, setting the class record in 2014 with no exemptions for blindness. As impressive as that was, he was not done. Dan followed that up with building a car mostly by himself, and after a few months, broke the world record for Fastest Speed for a Car Driven Blindfolded. His speed was just over 200MPH… Impressive. In the interview, he said you can “make excuses or make it happen”.  Imagine, racing cars and motorcycles blind.

Back to entrepreneurs, I have heard countless stories of their battles, successes and failures, ups and downs.  The highs are easy to understand and celebrate, and I have heard about the lows and how they pulled themselves up out of the abyss, it truly is amazing. And after considering these examples, I’m asking myself—what is my excuse? 

“Work hard and never make excuses.” – Master P

What will you overcome and stop making excuses about?