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Hiring: A Two Way Street

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By Andy Thatcher, VP, J2 Solutions

There are 107,000 tech job openings currently available, according to CompTIA, and that number is projected to continue growing well into 2019. Employers need to make sure they’re ready to navigate the hiring frenzy to come, if they’re not already in it.

To put it plainly, there are more tech jobs than there are tech people. Companies are already scrambling to adjust to the requests of job seekers. Let’s face the facts – it’s a seller’s market for candidates. Companies need to make sure they do what is necessary to attract top tech talent.

It’s important to remember that the process of hiring in tech is evolving – not only with technology but “soft skills” needed. Company culture has become more important – not only to the organization but to the person who is looking to join and contribute to that culture. Savvy candidates have choices on what’s next for them and are looking to get the most out of their work experience.

So how can you ensure that your organization is in the conversation for the candidate of your dreams? By knowing who you are, what you need and how to communicate it properly.

Have a higher hiring consciousness/awareness.

How aware are you of how you are perceived? Does your audience see your company the way you see your company? Does your team use the same language when communicating to external people? Do you know your mission and know where your company is headed?

It’s important that how your company is perceived lines up with what you are saying. It’s the foundation of your company consciousness and informs the way team members will interact with candidates. Initial communications with talent are an opportunity to show that your company has a cohesive understanding of the whole, making joining the team feel more attractive.

Communicate as a unit.

You will never be as successful at hiring as you would like to if you aren’t collectively saying the same thing about hiring practices, current hiring/employment situation, and what you feel as the possible or even hopeful solutions to your hiring challenges.

Being able to communicate a strong sense of your company’s culture is a great way to connect with candidates. Are you in the city or suburbs? Is there a work-from-home component or team setting? Is your company collaborative or are you a team of sharks ready to make any sacrifice for the whole? Have your answers ready because these are sure ways to show candidates what your team is made of.

Know what you’re looking for.

Each person in contact with the candidate needs to match the language, tone, and interview content of the team. Do you recognize as a unit where you expect your candidates to come from and the experience needed to fill the position? Do know how to spot the right cultural fit? The clearer your team is on what you’re looking for, the easier you will be able to find it.

Know when to shift.

At times, finding the right candidate can be challenging. Before you compromise on a candidate who may not be an exact fit for your needs, consider working with a staffing firm. Have them help you save time with core screenings and leverage their expertise.

You can also have a staffing firm assist you with a right-to-hire agreement. This will allow you “try before you buy/hire” and give you the ability to hire a consultant or contractor after a period of engagement.

Bringing in an outside person can help you focus on what you need to focus on – making sure the multiple interviews needed to secure a candidate give you a good sense of the person but also allow them to get an honest look at you.