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PULSE December 2020

Welcome to the PULSE!

Every December at J2, we like to end the year with a message of hope and positive reflection as we say goodbye to the year behind us in excited anticipation of the year to come—and this year is no exception. Despite the calamitous events that unfolded over the past ten months and the shared enthusiasm we all feel in bidding the difficult year a long-awaited farewell, we’d like to remind our readers of the glimmers of light we saw along the way.

Yes, we saw times of immense challenge, but we also saw resilience—particularly within the business community who rallied as they found ways to innovate and adapt. Many businesses used data to pivot their strategy and achieve success amid the uncertainty, while others embraced new ways of working and discovered unexpected benefits that came from the newly adopted remote work model.

Earlier this quarter, J2’s VP of Sales, Andy Thatcher, directed our attention to the leader within that emerged from all of us during the times of struggle. Regardless of our roles within the organizations we serve, we adapted, led ourselves through change, and impacted others around us. Last month, Sanjay continued that message of positivity as he acknowledged the healing power of relationships and gave thanks to those who offered emotional, professional and community support when we needed it the most.

And of course, where would we be without Vijay’s weekly reminders to stay positive and move forward with purpose? He urged us to have a plan for what comes next, find resilience through the struggles and appreciate the gifts we receive when we give to others. He also reminded us that saying “yes” is more fun than saying “no,” that hard work reaps rewards and that happy endings are possible despite a difficult journey.

As we collectively set our sights on what we hope will be a bright 2021, the team at J2 wishes you a happy holiday season and a healthy (hopefully less socially distant) new year. Despite the uncertainty that lies ahead, we know one thing for sure: we are all in this together.

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The J2 Team