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PULSE December 2021

Welcome to the PULSE!

Here we are, another year coming to a close. Last year, we all set our sights on a better year ahead as we bid a bitter farewell to 2020. We were hopeful for a return to normalcy and a pandemic that could only be seen in the rearview window. What we found, however, were more challenges as the pandemic persisted. But as a business community, we rallied as we banned together to address our common woes.

As the year progressed, the business community got more comfortable with the new landscape of today’s American workforce. The remote workplace is here to stay—and most of us have embraced that reality and shifted our practices accordingly. And while these new practices, in many ways, offered tremendous business benefits, hiring continues to present a significant challenge.

As job seekers get savvier in how they’re finding jobs, we need to get savvier in how we find them. In October, Sanjay shared five effective tactics to reach and attract job applicants in today’s market. Last month, he continued his fact-finding mission with a post that urged all of you—his fellow business colleagues—to share your ideas on the matter. Thank you to those who reached out directly to engage Sanjay in a series of productive discussions.

As always, Vijay’s weekly Friday Food for Thought delivered a wealth of rich insights to close out the year. He shared his thoughts on the current state of customer service (given the widespread staff shortages), discussed the Green Lantern Theory of Presidential Power, and highlighted the vital role accountability plays in teamwork. He also got us thinking about the correlation between hard work and luck, the value of giving yourself space to think, and the unprecedented shift in the patterns of beliefs we’re seeing in the world today.

In October, Sanjay participated in a virtual Tech Impact Lunch and Learn, where he provided insight into pursuing a career path in data engineering and entrepreneurship. We’re also thrilled to announce that Juliet Pennay has recently joined our team as an Administrative and Marketing Assistant. We continue to actively hire Recruiters and Account Executives. Stay tuned as we announce our newest team members as they join our growing family in the weeks and months ahead.

Please share any feedback and/or ideas you have for future issues of the PULSE at Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Happy Holidays!

The J2 Team