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The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get

the harder i work, the luckier i get

Years ago, I took golf lessons. Given my game recently one might question that statement or the ability of my instructor. Though my golf performance may not be up to par (?), I can assure you that the instructor was very good, and I did take lessons. During one lesson hethe harder i work, the luckier i get gave me simple instructions along with some words of wisdom for playing bogey golf. “If you play bogey golf consistently, every so often you will get lucky; a putt will drop, and you will have par.” If you’ve played golf with me recently, it’s clear that I have not continued to follow my instructor’s advice. A key aspect of golf is that you must play and practice, a lot. When I can play often, my score comes down. My instructor was right, the harder I worked at my game, the luckier I got.

I have worked hard for my luck, and as a result, I do believe I am a lucky person. The relationships that I have cultivated over the years are some of the most precious things to me. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating and maintaining them; but the harder I work at them the better and stronger they become. I have been lucky enough to have created such a great network.

A few years back, I discussed whether it is better to be good or lucky. I still think one leads to the other.  Keeping up your efforts to become better at something does increase your chances of reaching your goal. We all face challenges when working towards our goals. Whether it is breaking 90 on the golf course, buying a home or building a relationship, the road to success might be rocky no matter how much effort we put towards it. In that case, what’s the secret to getting lucky?

The secret is…there is no secret! ? Don’t give up, and just keep at it. The harder you work towards a goal, the more opportunities you create for yourself. And with more opportunity comes a higher chance of getting lucky.

“Luck happens when hard work meets opportunity, so pounce on it.”– Unknown

Let me know what luck you will create this weekend.