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PULSE March 2022

Welcome to the PULSE! 

Here we are at the end of a quarter as we greet Spring with a sense of enthusiasm and hope. It’s no secret that we continue to live in a world of uncertainty and upheaval—from COVID-19 that shocked the world two years ago to the alarming global events that are unfolding before our eyes. Our goal at J2 is to always put a proactive, positive light on things to inspire others to take actionable steps that position them for success, despite current events. 

In January, Sanjay kicked us off with an important reminder about the role data plays in paving the path to profitability and growth. In recognition of January’s annual Data Privacy Day, Sanjay’s article, How Are You Doing with Your Data, encouraged us to focus our data efforts on four key areas: data objectives, backup and security, collaboration, and technology. If you’re not taping into the power of your data to catapult your business to new heights of success, what are you waiting for?  

In February, Sanjay revisited the ongoing hiring and employee retention issues by sharing four strategies that businesses can employ (pun intended) to turn The Great Resignation into The Great Retention. Covering culture, hiring, professional development, and two-way communication, the article delves into actionable steps business leaders can—and should—take to hire and retain loyal employees to support business continuity.   

Vijay’s Friday Food for Thought series was as popular as ever this quarter. He reminded us to keep our sights on the human side of life, as he discussed the role taking a break plays in fueling our emotional wellbeing, the impact our actions, words, and gestures have on others, and how focusing on the positives in the present moment can keep fear and frustration at bay. He also talked about the empowering role human connection plays in our lives and urged us not to jump to negative conclusions when we don’t have all the information—because chances are, they are wrong!  

Now, onto some exciting news. We are pleased to announce two new additions to the J2 team. Join us in welcoming Gehad Youssef (known as G), Consultant Liaison, and Lauren Matlack, Administrative and Marketing Assistant. Additionally, we continue to actively hire Recruiters and Account Executives to join our growing family. 

If you are interested in becoming a Friday Food for Thought guest contributor, or if you have any feedback or ideas for future issues of the PULSE, email us at Follow us on Facebook,Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

The J2 Team