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What’s In Front of You

Last weekend, I realized I needed a break. I was stressed and decided to take several days off and enjoy a long weekend. It was supposed to be a relaxing time. After all, I was in Puerto Rico with my long-distance Valentine ?.  The company was outstanding, the hotel and setting were beautiful, and the restaurants we chose were amazing. The weather was great, only raining once, which luckily happened while we enjoyed time indoors.  Sounds like a perfect break, right?

As luck would have it there were other forces trying to ruin my time. The hotel guest(s) next to us smoked marijuana and the entire floor smelled of it which was unpleasant until the hotel eventually moved us to a different room.  Worse was the call from my cardiologist giving me results to a recent test and recommending a procedure.  I have always viewed myself as relatively healthy and so this surprised and frightened me, although the doctor assured me I would be fine once I addressed it. For the moment I chose to put my worries aside and enjoy my vacation.

Between our unruly neighbors at the hotel and the call from my cardiologist, my vacation could have easily been ruined. I could have chosen to spend my time complaining to the hotel. I could have even abandoned my date to sit at the bar trying to drown my sorrows, wasting my precious time away.

Instead, I chose to focus on the positive. I reminded myself I still had a lot to be thankful for. I wasn’t going to take the beautiful setting, the company, or time spent away from home for granted. I chose to assume the hotel was doing their best to fix the problem, and eventually, they did.  I also chose to consider the call from the cardiologist as a positive step forward. I now have the additional tests scheduled, so I’m resting in the fact that there is nothing further I can do for now. The process is in motion, which will lead us towards identifying and solving a problem. I decided to focus on what was in front of me and what I could control. I decided to live in the moment since it’s a moment I would never get back.  I had sunshine, blue water, and time with a wonderful friend. As a result, we had a great time in Puerto Rico and I came home feeling rested and ready to face whatever comes next.  I encourage you to take a step back and reflect on where you’re placing your energy.

“Be where you are, otherwise, you will miss most of your life.” – Gautama Buddha

Let me know what’s in front of you.

V –