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PULSE September 2023

Welcome to our Fall edition of the PULSE! Over the past few months, we delved into the infinite capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its indomitable influence in modernizing business landscapes. As the realm of IT continues to mature and redefine its boundaries, we are committed to keeping you informed and sharing our perspectives to help you navigate these changes confidently.

In July, Sanjay offered compelling insights into the revolutionary role AI is playing in extracting more value from the unprecedented volume of data. In AI is Revolutionizing Big Data Analytics: What It Means for You, he highlights five distinct ways AI is reshaping big data analytics and what it means for you as a business leader.

Last month, Sanjay directed our attention to the growing cybersecurity concerns that continue to threaten the business community and the unmatched strength AI brings to data protection. In How AI Enhances Data Security in the Digital Age, he reveals five ways that AI is changing the face of cybersecurity—from predictive threat analysis to enhanced biometric authentication, and much more.

Meanwhile, Vijay’s Friday Food for Thought series remains a treasure trove of wisdom. With topics ranging from the power of reciprocity to the dynamics of relationships and finding new ways to achieve success, and much more, his reflections continue to motivate, challenge and inspire us all to introspect and grow.

As always, we value your feedback and want to hear from you. If you’re interested in contributing to our Friday Food for Thought series, have a topic suggestion for our Thought Leadership blog, or simply want to discuss how our businesses might collaborate and benefit one another, please reach out. We’re all ears!

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