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Bushido in Modern Times

In our crazy, race to the finish line (whatever that may be) world, the ancient Japanese philosophy of Bushido offers a refreshing sanctuary of wisdom and calls us to return to the code of honor that once guided revered Samurai warriors.  “Bushido” is derived from the terms “bushi”, meaning warrior, and “do”, meaning the way, Bushido, or “the way of the warrior”.  They are a set of principles that have shaped the moral code of the Samurai for centuries, emphasizing virtues such as loyalty, honor, and courage.

As we navigate the complexities of modern life, where moral dilemmas are a frequent occurrence and the lines between right and wrong are often blurred, the Bushido principles guide us to adhere to a path of righteousness and to lead lives marked by dignity, respect, and moral uprightness.  The intertwined principles of courage and consistency call to me and, I believe, offer a blueprint for harmonious living in today’s bustling world.

Courage, in the Bushido narrative, is not just an absence of fear, but a deeper commitment to pursuing personal growth despite obstacles. It is a call to willingly step out of comfort zones to explore unknown territories, fostering a resilient spirit that isn’t afraid to stand up for what is right. A common example in today’s world could be an individual standing against unethical practices in their community, company, or even among family and friends.  Bushido showcases bravery by choosing justice over convenience. Or, said differently, by encouraging taking action to do the right thing over inaction.

The principle of consistency compliments courage.  Consistency represents stability and perseverance in a world that is constantly in flux. Consistency invites us to cultivate disciplined routines, fostering an unwavering dedication to our goals. It’s the reliable friend who offers support in times of need, the steadfast worker who maintains their quality of work, despite external pressures. Consistency is there in the narratives of those who, despite the hurdles, have maintained their principles.  For example, a local business owner who, despite the lure of commercialization, sticks to traditional methods to deliver authentic, quality products to his customers, thus building a legacy grounded in trust and reliability.

The interplay of courage and consistency paints a beautiful canvas, a blend of dynamic forward momentum and rooted stability, offering guidance to navigate the vagaries of modern life with grace and poise. It forms a narrative that resonates with resilience, encourages growth and results in a life steeped in purpose and reverence.

While many of us already apply these principles in our lives, do we do so intentionally and with the same vigor and purpose that adherence to Bushido requires?  Likely not, but if we consider incorporating Bushido’s ancient wisdom into our daily endeavors, I think we will find a deeper level of fulfillment and purpose.  Likely we will find as with many things that our actions have a ripple effect and often inspire others to emulate behaviors and actions that resonate with them.

So why not embrace Bushido and awake the modern-day warrior within us?   Our current modern-day challenges and threats are very different from those of the ancient Samurai’s, but just as difficult to navigate.  Let’s embrace Bushido principles to guide the way; at the very least, we will all be better for it.


“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” – Maya Angelou


Have a great weekend.