Relational vs. Transactional

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Years ago, Sanjay and I would network a lot. We had just started J2 and we rarely turned down a chance to meet people. Our goal was to meet as many folks as possible no matter what they did and gain the opportunity to learn about them and share about us. Several of those meetings […]

PULSE December 2018

Welcome to the Pulse! As we get ready to ring in the new year, we can’t help but to think of all that we are grateful for in 2018. We’ve had a year of growth for our company, added key team members and evolved our leadership style to meet the changing landscape of our field. […]

Know Your Tribe

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In a previous career I was in a meeting with a client and at some point, during the meeting I said “hell”. It was more of a reaction to a comment made, and I may have said “what the hell!” Back at the office my supervisor pulled me into his office and told me that […]

What is the Key to Happiness?

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Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist and clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, is director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development—a 75-year study on what makes people happy. The study tracked the lives of two groups of men for over 75 years, and it now follows their children to understand how their childhood experience […]

Want to Be More Productive at Work? Stop and Smell the Coffee!

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By Vijay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions  As we move through the winter months, many of us are still in the throes of working to maintain our New Year’s resolutions. This time of year represents a new beginning for most of us—a fresh start. It’s a time to ask the question: what can I do […]

Leadership and Humility

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Eagles won the Super Bowl LII! Who would have thought? They were huge underdogs. There are so many great stories that came out of this championship game worth talking about—from Nick Foles’ rocky start in 2013 to his leading role in the Eagles’ Super Bowl win and becoming MVP in 2018… to the risky plays […]