Happy Endings!!

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Good or bad, endings always leave a significant impact on us. Luckily, there’s still time to give 2020 the happy ending we deserve!

Perseverance and Resilience

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This past Sunday Tiger Woods became the second oldest man to win the Masters at 43 years old, just 3 years younger than Jack Nicklaus, who last won the Masters at 46. Additionally, this Sunday Tiger received his 5th Masters jacket and 15th Major tournament win; while these are quite the accomplishments, it’s not what […]

Achieving Success

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If I offered you $20 to cross an empty street, I bet you would take me up on it.  But if I offered you $20 to cross a busy intersection, you would probably think twice. But I would bet that you would run through that same busy intersection for free if a loved one was […]

PM’s vs. BA’s

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By Sanjay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions There are several areas where the job of a Project Manager and a Business Analyst can blur.  Still, it is crucial that the project have both roles assigned regardless of your team size and resources – for the sake of both the project and the business. Project Managers […]

What Do You Attract?

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If I were to tell you that you could have whatever you wanted, would you believe me? You’d be skeptical, right?  But law of attraction tells us that it is, in fact, possible. What exactly is the law of attraction? While most people have heard of it, many don’t really know what it is or […]

You: Your Greatest Asset

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What’s your greatest asset? If I had to guess, I’d say many of you responded with answers like “car,” “house” or “family.” Makes logical sense; those are the areas where you’re likely investing most of your time and money. You do regular maintenance on your car to keep it running smoothly. You enroll your kids in […]