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Turkey Day

turkey day

It’s that time of year already; Turkey Day! Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season, a whirlwind of holiday meals, parties, happy hours, and social, family, and professional obligations. Some we look forward to and others we approach with a sense ofturkey day obligation. So why do we do it? How often do we wonder whether we should go, whether we are required to or whether there is a way to sidestep it altogether? Perhaps we feel a cold coming on ?. Yet, once we get through our internal debate, inevitably we go.

At Thanksgiving (and throughout the holiday season), we put up with behaviors that we usually would not, especially these days. The tolerance we have around this time is amazing to me! We go to family dinners, even though the loudmouth aunt makes her “famous” tuna casserole that is inedible; but we eat it with a smile and may even ask for seconds! We go even if we hate turkey, which is usually the main course. We go knowing that every year the same uncle will drink too much, yell at the games on TV way too loudly and then pass out on a couch.

We participate in these events because Thanksgiving is about family, friends, and traditions. In fact, we would be disappointed if people’s behaviors were different than expected and if the traditions changed.  Because Thanksgiving is about family and friends, we welcome the activities (even that tuna casserole!) and are more tolerant of behavior; we are grateful to have them in our lives. My preachy side hopes that we are that way all year!

On behalf of Sanjay and myself, this Thanksgiving I would like to say thank you with gratitude to all our family, friends, associates and partners for all you do and for all you bring to our lives.

Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.” – Robert Caspar Lintner

Have a great Turkey Day!