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Who Are You Calling Old?!

I would like to continue on Retro Abbey’s Memorial Day “You Do You” post and honor those who served, not just our heroes in the United States but our heroes around the world.

Thomas Moore was a Captain in the British Army who recently challenged himself to walk 100 laps in his garden and raise £1,000 for a number of charities which supported staff, volunteers and patients in the British National Health Service. His goal was to begin walking 10 laps a day on April 6th and reach his 100-lap mark by his birthday on April 30th. Seems like something all of us could accomplish, right? After all, his garden spanned only 27 yards (clearly, he had some slack built in). The amazing part is that in 2018 he had a hip replacement surgery as well as both knees replaced! When Captain Moore started his walk, he was 99 years old and on April 30th he became a centenarian.

The good Captain completed the 100 laps in 10 days and spent the remaining 14 days doing interviews. As awareness of what he wanted to accomplish spread, donations started pouring in and he was even featured in a remake of the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, which shot to  #1 on the UK music charts; he donated the proceeds from the song to charity as well.

Captain Moore’s story inspires me to know that you are never too old to contribute or to do something inspiring. In the millennial fashion, he did him and along the way had a #1 hit, got promoted to honorary Colonel, and oh yeah, raised £32.79 million. To top all that off, he also got Knighted – way to go Sir Thomas Moore. You inspire me to be better!

“Live your life and forget your age.” —Norman Vincent Peale

Have a great weekend.