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You Do You

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Vijay asked me to write this week’s #FFFT, perhaps because he knows how much I love the start of summer and rosé season…we’ll go with that ?

Memorial Day Weekend has been known as the unofficial start of summer and is a weekend that holds a lot of fond memories for many of us; whether you usually spend the weekend battling the traffic down the shore with friends, have family cookouts, honor our heroes who have served, or just hangout enjoying the weather and the extra day off work.

Many of us have been spending our days trying to cram it all in; being productive with work while making sure the kids are doing their assignments and attending virtual classes. On top of that, we’re cooking, cleaning, and making the latest banana bread recipe while trying to become TikTok famous. And even on top of all that, we’re pretending that we have it together and that we’re fine with DIY manicures (maybe that last bit is just me, and to be honest, I’m over the DIY manicure).

It’s a lot; I’m burned out, and I don’t even have to do that whole home school thing! I’ve been avoiding taking an extra day off since this all started, because what the hell would I even do?! Watch Real Housewives all day? I can only handle watching these ladies in small increments. Now I find myself staring down a 3-day weekend, and the realization that I’m excited for the break has me shook. After 2 months, I need a break. I can’t wait to use this extra day to hang out in my parent’s back yard with the dog, next to a kiddie pool, pretending I’m at the beach. Maybe with a margarita because you know, self-care. Although my margaritas suck so maybe I’ll skip that one.

Vijay’s previous Memorial Day posts speak of reflecting on what’s important and being present in each moment. This year, I’m going to keep along that trend and ask you to focus on yourself.

Mental Health Awareness Week runs May 18th-24th this year, and with our long weekend ahead, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Try to do at least one thing that makes you happy, or makes you relax this weekend, because we all need to recharge. Whether that means maintaining your Memorial Day traditions while keeping safe, honoring and supporting our heroes, or just doing nothing at all. If it makes you happy, I consider it self-care. “You do You”, as us millennials say ?.

We don’t have to do everything and be everything all the time. This weekend, just take a breath, take a moment for yourself and remember that you’re doing great.

 “Do something for yourself today that your future self will thank you for.”– Sean Patrick Flanery

What are you going to do this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it’s fabulous!