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Happy Easter to all who celebrate! Otherwise, happy Spring! This weekend marks the end of the Lenten season of fasting and repentance, with celebrations of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am neither a Christian nor a religious person. In fact, for the most part, I avoid conversations about religion other than those with a very good friend. Those conversations are usually over whiskey and cigars.? Conversations about politics, money, and religion usually don’t end well because we are all very opinionated. Back to Easter, since I am not a Christian, I was curious about the bunny and the eggs. I decided to look up these traditions to learn more. The bottom line is that regardless of affiliation, Easter is a time to celebrate! 

Celebrations, though, are not limited to major events. Check out the 2022 Celebrations calendar for the United States and you will find that every day of the year has a reason to celebrate or recognize something. We celebrate everything from cheesesteaks, whiskey, and tater tots, to siblings, bacon, and cheap flights! To balance this all out, of course, we also celebrate health and fitness, dentists, and apples. The list is varied, with some dates even celebrating multiple things. As cool as this is, why do we choose just one day to celebrate something we believe in or simply enjoy?  

Why not celebrate everything every day? If you are enjoying something, celebrate it! Some might say that we should enjoy things in moderation since too much of a good thing can be bad for us. Others may say that too much celebration could make it no longer special or enjoyable. Can too much pizza be a bad thing (National Pizza Day is February 9th in case you were wondering)? Okay, so maybe we should enjoy some things in moderation, but celebrations should be enjoyed to the fullest, as often as possible! 

So, Easter weekend is a three-day weekend and brings a lot to celebrate. Let’s enjoy time with family and friends, the coming of Spring, and the religious significance of this weekend. Keep in mind that next Monday is Patriots Day, International Day for Monuments and Sites, National Haiku Poetry Day, National Lineman Appreciation Day, National Columnists Day, and National Amateur Radio Day! ? Or, you can always decide to make it your own day to celebrate whatever you want!  

What will you celebrate this weekend? If your answer is not “EVERYTHING”, reach out and let me know why! 


“Celebrations infuse life with passion and purpose. They summon the human spirit.” – Terrence E. Deal 


Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!