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Happy Independence Day

July 4th is the day we officially commemorate our Independence, though the actual date was much later, when the Revolutionary War ended in 1783. Additionally, the Declaration of Independence was written before July 4th; just some light trivia ?

This weekend we would have celebrated our Independence by filling our time with parades, concerts, fireworks, picnics, trips away and cookouts. In fact, for some more light trivia, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimates that on July 4th, Americans consume 150 Million hot dogs; YIKES!!!

I say “we would have” because many of us are still in the middle of quarantines, either mandated or self-imposed, and many establishments are still shut down or at limited capacity. I imagine that most of the larger activities that usually occur around this time have been cancelled, postponed or will be virtual. While a virtual parade or firework display may sound crazy, a virtual concert might be fun; many people get innovative during a crisis to make the most out of the situation.

This weekend as we are searching for things to do, may I suggest raising a glass to the brave people who have fought for and continue to fight for us, and to our new found heroes on the front line of this crisis. Take a moment to enjoy a hot dog with a family member or a friend and use the occasion to connect with one another on a deeper level. When this is all over, we will come out stronger than we did in 1776 or in 1783! There are still things to celebrate, even if most of our traditional celebrations are on pause.

“Celebrate yourself and celebrate all those around you.”– Avina Celeste

Here is to a cheerful long weekend with family and friends, enjoy it!