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PULSE June 2020

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Welcome to the PULSE!

So much has changed since our last PULSE publication. In only three short months, our world has seen a major global shift that has left many physically, financially and emotionally overwhelmed.

As a country, we are all in it together; that much became clear almost immediately. In the spirit of solidarity and hope, Vijay offered continued words of inspiration each Friday to remind us to laugh, to thank those who sacrificed their own safety and comfort to help the rest of us fight the battle, to find gratitude in simple acts of kindness and to change our mindset and do something different. We thank Vijay for keeping our spirits high at a time when fear and uncertainty overwhelmed us all.

Way back in Q1 (which now seems like an eternity ago), we launched a blog series on the power of data in business. What began as helpful advice on how to use data to grow the business and improve operations gave way to insights into how businesses can use data in response to the crisis to reinvent themselves and pivot their approach. In this fourth article of the series, Sanjay offers four key strategies that businesses can use today to do more than just survive the bleak state of affairs—but rather thrive as the nation begins to emerge on the other side.

As we continue to face a world filled with uncertainty—and some glimmers of hope—all of us here at J2 continue to face each day with compassion, resilience and a focus on our partners and associates.

Please share any feedback and/or ideas you have for future issues of the PULSE at  Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

The J2 Team