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(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

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The Rolling Stones wrote a dispiriting song called “Satisfaction”. Or, if we are using the formal title, they wrote a dispiriting song called “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. As(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction a fan of the Stones, I know this is one of their greatest hits. It’s a good song…which has a very crappy message despite the upbeat tempo. While the message is a bummer, unfortunately there is some truth to it as studies show that we as humans are not satisfied. We often visualize our ideal state, and when we get there we find we are still not content. Why is that? I like to surround myself with positive people, and most of my friends usually are, but when you dig deeper they all still have that want for something more or different. This is not about material wants or what is enough, this is about satisfaction.

Being curious, I did a search on why we are not satisfied. The following came up: “Humans are not designed to be happy, or even content. Instead, we are designed primarily to survive and reproduce, like every other creature in the natural world. A state of contentment is discouraged by nature because it would lower our guard against possible threats to our survival.” Seriously? So, being in a state of dissatisfaction is ingrained in us? This is what we are up against? But maybe there is truth to that statement because I can tell you I am not satisfied with this answer. ?

Again, by being satisfied I am not talking about material things, but in everyday  situations and in life in general. A couple of times each year I get in a funk; I am dissatisfied, and I do not enjoy anything. I simply go through the motions of just getting things done. Sometimes I am even angry about it. This occasional funk happened recently, so perhaps there really is truth to the statement above!

Yet, the reality is that I am OK. I realize how lucky I am for all the good things and good people in my life. I’ll be honest, if we didn’t have these moments of dissatisfaction, how would we know to appreciate the good times if we could not compare them to the bad? Everything would always be mundane. So maybe the secret to being satisfied is knowing that you will have good times and bad; focusing on all that is good in your life while knowing that moments of dissatisfaction are just that, moments that will pass. This weekend, balance the good with the bad: enjoy, savor, and focus on the good times and know that the bad will pass.

And dance to “Satisfaction” like no one is watching. It will make you feel better!

“The art of being happy is to be satisfied with what you have.”– Unknown

Have a satisfied weekend.