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PULSE December 2022

Welcome to the PULSE!

Are you ready for 2023? We are! There’s something refreshing and empowering about looking ahead to a new year with a fresh perspective on a page yet to be turned. But as we do, we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year of progress, learning, and change.

In 2022, we zeroed in on two themes that continue to be key drivers of business success in a post-COVID world: data and talent. As the landscape of each continues to evolve, business leaders need to keep their finger on the pulse of emerging trends and challenges. In Q4, we blended the two themes together when we introduced the concept of data culture: why you need one and how to build one.

The fact is, insights-driven organizations grow at an average of more than 30% annually, according to Forrester.1 But, your data—and the insights it creates—are only as good as your people’s willingness and ability to use it to make informed business decisions. That’s where data culture comes into play. In essence, it’s all about infusing data into every aspect of the business by empowering employees to understand it, use it, and bring it to life in everyday decisions.

In case you missed it, you can read them here:

And what would our quarterly PULSE be without a shout-out to the ever-insightful Friday Food for Thought? Over the past quarter, we expanded the series to include entries from other members of the team. Together, the FFfT contributors offered a range of thought-provoking insights—particularly around the ideas of gratitude and perspective—and with good reason: the way you view situations and circumstances directly affects how you feel about them.

For example, Vijay urged us to turn those mountains back into molehills by shifting our mindset, find the blessing in the proverbial curse, and be more mindful of how we show our appreciation for others. Meanwhile, Lauren reminded us of the importance of finding that glimmer of gratitude—even in tough times, while Helene shared her approach to finding that fresh point of view. Be sure to read our full series of entries here.

Our goal here at J2 is to provide you with key insights that power your success in a rapidly changing world, and we look forward to sharing new insights with you in the new year. Please share any feedback and/or ideas you have for future issues of the PULSE at Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Happy Holidays!

The J2 Team

P.S. Feeling generous this holiday season? Consider donating to Operation Reindeer—a nonprofit that helps local families in need get a little extra cheer.