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PULSE June 2019

Welcome to the PULSE!

With summer finally upon us, it’s a great time to reflect back on what’s important to you, both at work and in your personal life (you know, when you’re on the beach enjoying a margarita ).

At J2, we are always looking for ways and reasons to improve. Reflection is a great tool to help anyone gauge where they are and where they need to go. This month we look back and reflect on the last quarter, where we emphasized how important the individual is. Although teamwork and leadership are topics we often discuss, we’ve been focusing on personal growth, goal setting and belief systems in our weekly #FridayFoodforThought blog series.

In our #FFfT “ What Do You Control? ”, Vijay stressed how your mindset has a lot to do with where you are. He quoted Paulo Coehlo who said it best: “You have two choices: control your mind or let your mind control you”. Examples such as the triumph and redemption of Tiger Woods this year show that perseverance and believing in yourself will give you the strength to fully realize your goals.

In “ Know Your Worth ”, our VP Andy broke down why you should always know what else is available for yourself professionally. By keeping your resume fresh, knowing your value and seeing what the industry is offering (especially as companies compete for tech talent), you will ensure you are growing in your position, being recognized for your talent and compensated properly. Keeping your options open is a great strategy for success.

This quarter, Vijay wrote about the leadership lessons he learned during his recent travels. While stateside on a retreat in North Carolina, Vijay and his tribe delved into limiting beliefs and how YOU can move past them to achieve your goals. In Europe while visiting Portugal and Spain, he learned the importance of being a tourist every day , not just when you travel. Staying curious, being adaptable and having compassion are all important qualities to develop and bring into the future.

Whether you’re focused on growing your company, developing professionally or transitioning to a new position, use self-reflection as a guide to set new goals and/or achieve the goals you may have been putting off. If you’re happy professionally, reflect on the quality of your relationships at home and in the workplace. There is always something to improve on. We hope you have a great summer!


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The J2 Team