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The F Words

There is a certain “F” word I dislike intensely and even borderline hate.  It’s not the one you may be thinking of; I use that one a lot 😊.  The one I hate is one I have been told on occasion that I am devoid of.  I’ll give you a hint: remember, I am simple, and I like “facts” (love that “F” word!). Give me facts all day long… I can work with and solve problems with them.  Facts, like the other F word, can be fun!

Feelings, that’s the F word I hate and may be devoid of.  What have feelings ever done for me? Generally, feelings get me in trouble, make me sad, and sometimes have even made me cry ☹.  I don’t mind admitting that I was sad when I couldn’t hug people or shake their hands because of the pandemic. I was also sad when travel and in person meetings stopped, even though I am an introvert at heart. I still love people.

But here is the problem with feelings: they get in way of logical solutions, and I am a problem solver. When you have feelings, you have opinions, and when most people have opinions, the facts can get messy. Emotions are personal; facts are impersonal.  They are what they are–see my rub with feelings?

Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes admit to feelings. I am very passionate about what we do at J2 and love it; after all we just celebrated our 20th anniversary! I am passionate about my cigar and whiskey collection, even though I may have to cut back on that. A friend even commented that he can’t wait to see what I decide on next, because he thinks it will be fun watching me dive headfirst into a new hobby. The fact is, both of my collections have grown in a very short time, because I was so passionate about them.

As I read the above paragraphs, maybe I will admit that feelings are not all bad. Well, what the “F”? That F is the one you are thinking of. 😊  The fact is, I am passionate about most things I do and believe in. I guess that feelings are not all bad and maybe I do have them.  Just don’t tell people I said that!!!

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Have a great weekend.