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Celebrate Everything!!!

celebrate everything!!!

Memorial Day is a holiday that is typically filled with beers, barbeques, and celebrations! Or in my case, a day celebrated with cigars and whiskey,celebrate everything!!! food, laughter, and good times with friends and family. This year in particular the thought of all these activities has me absolutely jumping for joy! We have so much to celebrate, and I suggest we celebrate everything!!!

Not only is Memorial Day Weekend a time to commemorate our service members and the unofficial start of summer, but we can finally enjoy this long weekend together, in person, with actual hugs! In fact, more people will be traveling (30 million according to AAA) and likely getting together with folks they have not seen in a long time. I’m sure beaches and pools will be crowded with people enjoying summer together. Like I said, there is a lot to celebrate, and the possibilities are endless ?.

We should all celebrate daily, not just milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, but also recognize the little things. Celebrations help us stay positive, making the brain release endorphins to keep us feeling good. In turn, that positive energy rubs off helping others feel the same, but enough of the science lesson…

We all have lots to celebrate, but let’s remember that Memorial Day is more than just an extra day off. Memorial Day is a military holiday that commemorates the sacrifices our service members make to protect the freedoms we all enjoy. Those who serve should be recognized and celebrated more often, so let’s keep them at the forefront of our celebrations this weekend. Enjoy, be safe, appreciate the freedoms we have and the ability to celebrate with loved ones. Let me know how you plan to enjoy this weekend.

I am keeping this short, so you have more time to celebrate!!!

“Until further notice, celebrate everything.”– David Wolfe

Have a great weekend,