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Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations or You Are Your Own Worst Enemy!

If you read my blog last week, you may have been wondering if I would publish one this week since I am on vacation in Morocco…it is out of your control 😊.  I wasn’t sure I would have the time (or energy) to write one and nearly convinced myself I should just miss it.  But then I realized that mindset would lead to inaction, and I would manifest not doing it, which is a slippery slope that leads to permitting myself to let things go.  So, I took a different approach and instead told myself I would figure out how to get it done and, here we are!


I belong to a business group where we try to state actions affirmatively, meaning we say they will happen. We don’t wish for something to happen or comment that we might be able to do something; we declare it will be so. I am going to write this blog, I am going to make a 12-day trip with my family, and so forth.  Too often, I hear folks saying they cannot do something, and sure enough, they cannot. They embrace their limitations and get the expected result.


Understanding this concept and the power of self-imposed limitation is empowering.  Once you realize the biggest thing standing between you and success, you are more likely to push yourself out of the way and challenge these boundaries. This mindset fosters resilience, adaptability, positivity, and growth. By choosing to believe in one’s potential instead of focusing on perceived constraints, new opportunities are unlocked and goals that previously felt unattainable are reachable.


Think about the inspiring example of Matt Stutzman, the armless archer. Born without arms, Stutzman could have easily accepted that archery, a sport that relies heavily on the use of arms, was not for him. Instead, he chose to challenge this notion. Through innovation, determination, and relentless practice, he mastered the use of his feet to draw and shoot a bow, eventually becoming a world-class archer and competing in the Paralympics. Stutzman’s story exemplifies how shifting focus from limitations to possibilities can lead to extraordinary achievements.


While it is essential to acknowledge constraints, the key is to not let them define you.  Recognizing limitations is the first step in overcoming them. The story of Matt Stutzman illustrates that even when faced with significant challenges, a mindset of possibility can lead to remarkable accomplishments. It is about finding creative solutions, leveraging our unique strengths, and having a mindset in which you can accomplish anything that will open the door to innovation and growth. When we believe that anything is possible, we are more likely to explore new paths, take calculated risks, and persist through obstacles. This enhances personal growth and may inspire those around us to adopt a similar outlook.


“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.” – Charles Kingsleigh (Alice in Wonderland)


So, let’s get to work! It’s your turn to challenge your limitations and embrace the power of possibility. Think about one limitation you have recently caught yourself saying or thinking and write it down. Then, brainstorm at least three ways you can begin to overcome it. Share your commitment in the comments below or with a trusted friend or mentor.


Remember, the first step towards change is believing that it is possible. Start today and take one small step towards breaking through your limitations. You have the potential to achieve extraordinary things. Let’s make it happen together!


Have a great weekend.