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Company Culture: Your Key to Talent Retention

Company Culture: Your Key to Talent Retention

By Sanjay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions

According to SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), more than a quarter of workers surveyed plan to leave their current job post-pandemic.* With more jobs out there than talent to fill them, employees are in a position of power. If their current employer isn’t offering the job satisfaction they want out of their career, they’ll find one that will.Company Culture: Your Key to Talent Retention

That begs the question, beyond throwing money at the situation, how can you retain talent and boost employee loyalty in a business environment plagued by rising employee turnover? The short answer: create a positive corporate culture.

Culture can take on many forms. In a virtual business environment where zoom meetings are the norm, the lack of in-person interaction can prove challenging. Ultimately, a strong culture is one that makes employees feel fulfilled, challenged, and respected as a valued member of the team.

Here are some ways to boost talent retention through culture:

Create advancement opportunities. Encourage internal career moves that support growth. By actively helping employees achieve their professional goals with internal advancement opportunities, you’ll not only show them you care about their professional wellbeing, but also allow them to experience different roles within the business, giving them a more active role in the organization’s overall mission and vision.

Invest in employees’ professional development: In the post-COVID world, as people are starting to rethink—well, everything—many are taking stock of their current skill sets in pursuit of new career goals and aspirations. They want to feel good about the value they add to their current job, while carving out a path for continued career growth. Help them satisfy this need through training, seminars and classes—in-office, off-site or even online. By investing in employees’ professional development, you’ll create an environment of continuous learning while showing them you are committed to supporting their ongoing growth.

Be a leader, not a boss: A leader and a boss are not one and the same. A leader is focused on the workers’ needs, professional development and overall satisfaction, while a boss tends to employ a top-down, tactical approach to managing employees. Employees don’t want to be micro-managed; they want to be coached, inspired and trusted to carry out their responsibilities without a heavy-handed boss doling out duties. An environment that favors coaching over managing creates greater engagement, higher productivity and more clarity around goals—all of which will contribute to long-term employee loyalty.

Reward employees: Do you offer kudos to employees for a job well done? If not, time to start. Rewarding employees for their achievements shows them that what they do matters; it makes them feel good about themselves, motivates them to go above and beyond and makes them downright happier. And a happy employee is one who will stick around.

Offer remote work arrangements: As we discussed last month, employees have become accustomed to the COVID-forced remote workplace—a vast majority of whom would like to see it continue in some form. As many employers are requiring the return to an in-person setting, their employees are pushing back—and in some cases, planning their exit. To avoid a mass exodus, consider establishing a flexible work pattern that will appease employees while supporting your business model.

At J2, we place a strong emphasis on culture. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we make sure they feel heard and valued. As a result, we continue to see low employee turnover and high employee satisfaction. In fact, we’re looking to add on to our current team by hiring passionate Account Executives and Recruiters to help drive our business. If you’d like to join our growing family and enjoy a positive culture of teamwork, innovation and success, we’d love to hear from you!

Yes, you heard that right—we are hiring! To learn about our career opportunities, click here.

How do you support employee loyalty through culture? Tell us below.